Pursue a debt-free education

Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) create an alignment of interest between schools and students in the pursuit of a common goal – quality post-graduate outcomes.

Many existing education financing options are regressive, expensive and punitive, often creating financial barriers to education. ISAs allow students to pay deferred tuition payments solely based on their income and ability to pay. Designed properly, ISAs link the cost of education to the value it creates, incentivizing schools toward more responsible, student-centric behavior.

edly’s core mission is to help facilitate ISA programs at outcomes-driven education providers. Register your interest in an ISA and we will help spread the word 

How ISAs work

  • Unlike student loans, there is never accrued interest.

  • There is no fixed interest payment – ISAs are flexible in that students pay a fixed percentage of their income, when – and IF – they are earning above a minimum threshold amount.

  • Payments are made over a fixed payment term and are designed to be affordable.

  • The total amount of possible payments over the term of the ISA are capped at an amount which is usually around 1.5 times the amount of tuition.

  • ISA providers require schools to align their financial incentives with students and investors. This “skin in the game” includes financial incentives to graduate students and help them find good jobs.