The Complete ISA Solution

Ongoing funding that makes ISAs possible.

edly guides schools through ISA program mechanics, financing, and servicing – until launch and thereafter.

Why ISAs

ISAs completely change the dialogue – and the value proposition of education itself.

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) have the potential to address the student debt crisis, while also addressing systemic issues of access and affordability.

Schools that offer ISAs through edly align their interests with student earning potential. This is a message which is appreciated by students and one that can increase interest in your school significantly.

Why edly

edly provides schools with liquidity that enables ISAs, offering to finance contracts promptly after origination.

edly is the only complete ISA funding solution.

edly works with schools that are committed to providing students with strong employment opportunities. This includes vocational schools, coding academies, 2- and 4-year universities, and more.

Process: How it works

Process differs for schools that already have programs up and running. The timeline below reflects that of a school that is creating and funding a new ISA program.

  • Discovery & Program Design

    edly will work with a school to design a program that offers an attractive tuition funding alternative for students. Considering course structure and expected student earned income after graduation as inputs, edly will help create an ISA program that meets your needs AND appeals to your students.

  • Sign up with edly

    Agree to terms that provide funding upon ISA contract creation. edly schools get certainty of funding – now and in the future – at any amount, large or small.

  • Student Onboarding

    Start offering ISAs to prospective and newly enrolled students! edly will assist the school in engaging a third party servicer that handles on-boarding of students as well as ongoing customer support and collections.

  • List on the Marketplace

    edly helps schools list cohorts on the edly marketplace at prices that they determine in consultation with edly to encourage broad investor participation in their ISA, and receive the new funding amount when sold. Schools have 6 months to test different offered yields to find market-clearing price.

Jump-start your ISA Program: Fill out the school pre-qualification form for more info on the edly process.

“With the new platform, we can make use of this new asset class and leverage it to receive an advance on student contributions.”

Yannis PeyretCFO | Holberton School