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NEW: edly Outcomes Strategy

Managed Account investment option

Many of our investors have asked for a way to invest in a diversified portfolio of edly ISAs without having to build the portfolio themselves. To satisfy this demand, edly is offering The Outcomes Strategy. With as little at $20,000, you can invest in a diversified portfolio – picked by the edly portfolio management team – across several schools and types of schools (Universities, Vocational Schools, Technology, and Healthcare).

edly assembles diversified portfolios targeting a 12% return over a 4 year period.

Key Features

  • Diversification

    A single investment of as little as $20,000 will be invested across many schools and types of schools.

  • Backed by Assets

    All of our investments are backed by contracts with the students, which allows us to collect monthly payments.

    Edly also seeks to make arrangements with employers (typically large, well capitalized companies) to offer ISA payments on behalf of their new employees as an employee benefit. Under these arrangements, the employers, rather than students,  make the ISA payments directly to edly.

  • Exclusive Access

    edly works with the top schools in the country under long term agreements to exclusively access their ISAs.

  • Monthly Income

    Outcomes Strategy will pay monthly cash directly to your bank account via ACH.

  • Short Duration

    In addition to receiving monthly cash flows, edly targets a 4 year final termination date. Any remaining investments after 4 years will be liquidated on behalf of investors

  • Terminate Any Time

    Outcomes Strategy is a Managed Account. You are not locked in. You can stop further investments at any time, and let your portfolio run down.

COVID-19 and ISA Investing

edly has always focused on providing skills to students in industries with large unmet demand for skilled workers. Areas such as Nursing, Technology, and Truck Technicians are more in demand than ever before. Your investments will fund tuition for students so they can afford to get the skills they need to do these jobs. This is needed now more than ever.

How it works

  • edly finds schools which want to offer a better alternative to student loans to students.

  • edly provides funding to the schools in a way that aligns the interests of students, schools, and investors.

  • edly makes these investment opportunities available to investors

  • As students get jobs and earn salaries, they pay a percentage of their salary to edly. edly splits the payments between investors and schools.

How are funds allocated?

Outcomes Strategy accounts will be actively managed by edly. Asset allocation will be focused on monthly income generation and diversification. edly assembles diversified investments by applying investor funds across ISA pools from different schools that have varying geographic and industry placements. Outcomes Strategy accounts are intended to provide a convenient way to diversify your edly participations.

In this example, the managed account portfolio is made up of 7 different pools:

  • 2 different coding schools addressing  different employer needs (e.g., data science and information technology, respectively)
  • 2 universities (e.g., engineering and education students)
  • 2 vocational schools (e.g., training welders and diesel mechanics)
  • 1 healthcare training school (e.g. nurse technician)

How investors are protected

  • Direct Investment in the Assets

    edly makes investments in the actual ISA assets (contracts with the students) or in loans to schools backed by ISA assets. This gives us the contractual right to the cash flows generated by the students upon employment.

  • Experienced ISA Servicers

    edly hires a third party servicer who collects the payments from the students. edly only works with servicers it believes can effectively service the assets.

  • School "Skin in the Game"

    edly requires school “skin in the game” during the underwriting process – we only make partial advances to schools and then our investors are in a senior position to the schools until investors have received a preferred rate of return.

    In order for the schools to get their full tuition, students must have good outcomes and investors must have good investment returns. Schools with poor historical outcomes are avoided or removed from our program.

For more detailed information on investing in edly assets, including risk factors, please read the Private Placement Memorandum