NEW: Outcomes Strategy – invest in a diversified portfolio – picked by the edly portfolio management team – across several schools and school types (Universities, Vocational Schools, Technology, and Healthcare). Earn an attractive monthly cash return while creating access to training opportunities for students looking to obtain new skills.

Earn monthly income while supporting students.

Target returns up to 12%

Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) are a better alternative to student loans. Instead of paying a fixed interest rate, students pay a fixed percentage of their salary. This gives investors an opportunity to invest in students and earn attractive returns as the students do well in their careers.

How it works

  • edly finds schools which want to offer a better alternative to student loans to students.

  • edly provides funding to the schools in a way that aligns the interests of students, schools, and investors.

  • edly makes these investment opportunities available to investors

  • As students get jobs and earn salaries, they pay a percentage of their salary to edly. edly splits the payments between investors and schools.

Track record

  • 2,100 students funded

  • 16.43% annualized investor return April 2019 – June 2020

    Returns are calculated based on actual cash received and the current market value of outstanding investments. Returns are net of fees and expenses.

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