Focus on your education,
not your tuition.

Learn now, pay later

School comes first. Don’t pay a cent until you land your first well-paying job

Tailored to you

Payment amounts adjust with your salary. Lose your job? You don’t owe a thing

Invested in your success

The amount you end up paying for your education is determined by the success you achieve after graduation

What is an ISA?

Instead of loans, edly offers ISAs – or Income Share Agreements. With ISAs, you only pay for your tuition once you land your first well-paying job. Payments adjust with your income and are designed to be affordable.

Is an ISA right for me?

Many existing education financing options create an unfair burden for students. ISAs ensure that if you do not succeed up to a certain level, your payment amount is less or zero.

How are ISAs different?

as compared to traditional student loans

Edly ISA Financing
Traditional School Loan



Payment amounts adjust with your income. If you lose your job or start earning below the minimum income threshold, payments are paused.

Limited Flexibility

Fixed payment amounts (including interest) mean you have to pay in full regardless of what you may earn.


No Interest accrual

Payments are based on a fixed percentage of your income so that you never pay more than you can afford.

Interest accrual

Failure to make monthly payments – regardless of your employment status – can increase outstanding debt.

Maximum Repayment

Defined Maximum

Never pay more than a defined multiple, typically 1.5-2.5x the amount of tuition funded.

No Defined Maximum

Students can end up paying well above the amount you owe with an ISA.

Credit History

No credit score

Historical school data drives ISA contract terms, not your credit history.

Credit scores required

FICO scores and co-signers determine your access to loans, and interest rates.

Repayment Time

Shorter repayment

Once you reach the end of the payment window, you don’t owe any further payments regardless of how much you’ve paid.

Extends if unpaid

Loans have longer payment windows which get even longer with accrued interest.

Edly offers an alternative to student loans
that’s designed to be more affordable and
accessible for students.

How it works in 6 easy steps.

1. Apply

Apply to see if you’re eligible in one minute or less – and don’t worry, your application information will never affect your credit score.

2. Get Approved

Edly processes applications and returns to students with ISA contract terms. Once you’re approved, edly sets you up with your account servicer.

3. Receive Funding

Edly sends tuition directly to your school. You don’t need to lift a finger.

4. Go to School

Keep your head down and your grades up! Focus on your education without ever paying a dime.

5. Start Making Money

Once you land a job making above a defined minimum (usually $30-40K per year), you’ll start paying a percentage of your income back to Edly.

6. Never Stress

If life throws you lemons, your ISA payments are put on hold.

Rob Smith

The security of knowing that I’ll never pay back more than I can afford every month was enough for me.

2017 Graduate
Purdue University

We strive to offer affordable and flexible funding solutions for students.

Getting an education is an investment in the future. Knowing life can throw curve balls, our goal is to ensure students feel incredibly confident in their funding and repayment processes. We partner with schools and investors to provide students with flexible payment plans, tailored to suit their lifestyles and career choices.